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Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE)


When you join Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering you become part of 85 year history of higher education in architecture and civil engineering. Our roots trace back to 1919 when in Kazan there was founded a united Kazan Polytechnic Institute consisting of 4 faculties in different academic programmes including Faculty of Civil Engineering.

In 1930 on the base of the Institute there was established Kazan Institute of Municipal Construction named after M.Gorkiy that became a separate institution of higher education training future civil engineers and road engineers. The period of 1930-1941 was dedicated to the development of the Institute: organization of appropriate academic process, research activity; enforcement of technical facilities and establishing academic spaces and laboratories. The number of students was increasing year by year.

Step by step the Institute was developing the relations with industry.

In 1957 the Institute got the new title – Kazan Institute of Engineering and Construction. From this moment the Institute started its great development: new departments, faculties, more academic staff, more students, more laboratories and new residences for students.

In 1971 there were the first graduates that got their degree in Architecture science. In spite of the short period from the start of architecture academic courses (1966) the Kazan architecture school achieved important success both in Russia and abroad at that time.At the beginning of 80-s the Institute revealed itself as a big regional scientific center. Three new laboratories were opened at the University. Our researchers’ projects were awarded again and again. New departments and specialized academic programmes were opened.

In 1992 market economy and demand of specialists with skills in economics, finance and credit led to implement new academic course as Construction in Economics, Market Economy in Construction, Construction Marketing.

In 1995 the Institute received the status of Academy with the new title of Kazan State Academy of Engineering and Construction. At the moment there were 6 faculties in 11 specialties and 8 specialized programmes, 35 departments.

In 1996 the University Museum was opened. We began to build a new structure to organize there laboratories and academic classes for Transport Department.

We began to develop relations with foreign Universities in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering to start exchange programmes. In 2005 the Academy becomes Federal State Educational Institution “Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering”.

Nowadays Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) is one of the leading architecture and engineering public universities in the Russian Federation. The University is the federal state educational agency specializing in architecture and building engineering. It is a large educational and scientific centre with great creative potential. The objective of the University staff activity is to prepare qualified and competitive experts able to face and manage complex problems in their own fields. Our University provides opportunities for students to develop invaluable skills to give them the edge in the job market. Our graduates are always in demand on labor market where they confirm their high professional skills.

The University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and professional training programmes focused on Civil Engineering, Architecture, Transport and road construction, Economics and Management in Construction, IT systems in architecture and civil engineering, Technologies in Civil Engineering, with almost 550 qualified academics. There are more than 7000 full time and part-time students.

KSUAE has 2-level education system: Bachelor Degree - 4 years of study and Master Degree – 2 years of study. It promotes the integration into the international education system.

All the courses at KSUAE are taught in Russian. The academic year starts on 1st of September and ends in June. It’s divided into 2 semesters. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and practicals. Assessment could be by exam, project, case study or written assignment.

Our Linguistic Center gives an opportunity for our academic staff and students not only to improve their knowledge of daily English, German or Italian but also to practice the technical language interacting with native speakers. Our University campus consists of several academic buildings, 5 convenient student residences, an open-air sport ground, a new big sports complex, a sport gym, a canteen and a sports summer camp.