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Research activity of our academic staff covers a broad range of subject areas. Our researchers’ scientific projects are widely applied in the fields of architecture, construction, housing and communal services, highway construction in Russia and abroad. Scientific and research work is aimed to developing fundamental and applied sciences and high technology production, to meeting the professional world and society requirements, to updating the system of our education.

KSUAE collaborates closely with the Russian Academy of Architecture and Engineering Sciences.

Our University issues their own 5 scientific journals, one of them of international level that is called “News of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering”. The objective of these journals is to draw public attention to the problems of engineering academic process, to exchange best practice research, to make increasing demand for scientific and scientist technological capabilities. Many articles in the journal are of both fundamental and applied nature. There are many scientific articles, monographs and papers published by our researchers, some of the articles are included into the Web of science international database and Scopus. Our researchers organize and take part in national and international scientific conferences and round tables.

There is a Scientific-Technical Council responsible for the effective scientific and innovative activity of the University. Planning, organization and support of the scientific-exploratory, experimental-constructive and innovative activities provides Administration of Scientific-Exploratory Activities.

Student scientific society and Young scientists’ council are representing interests of the young scientists of the university.

The scientific and innovative work of KSUAE runs in following directions:

·         Working out, exploration and perfection of the methods of construction calculation;

·         Applied geomechanics engineering;

·         Building materials studies and resource saving technologies of production of building materials and articles.

·         Architecture, urban planning and design problems

·         Engineering economy, technology and management

·         Road-building and transport constructions

·         Engineering systems and ecology in civil engineering

·         Scientific and methodological problems of the teaching at the university of engineering

·         Fundamental and common scientific research

·         Humanitarian and social-economical sciences

Scientific-innovative research projects of KSUAE professors:

·         New consistency and extraction technologies of the building materials, articles and constructions, which are effective and efficient in production;

·         Modern intellectual geotechnical monitoring systems of joint work of the foundations and constructions of the buildings, calculation methods and constructive solutions, made on their basis;

·         Consistency and production technology of progressive road building materials on the basis of local natural raw materials and industrial waste, which improve the quality and extend the exploitation period of the motorways;

·         Building engineering systems – progressive water treating systems; effective constructions and systems of heat supply, ventilation and air cleaning;

·         Application of the methodological approach “symbiotic architecture” in urban planning. This approach considers historical and national features of the cities;

·         Working out of the state and municipal strategies, new methods aimed for the reformation and efficiency improvement of the housing service.

Scientists use the laboratories of our University to develop new materials and methods of design that meet the current and future building needs. Students use them realize their internships.

There are 4 small innovative enterprises carrying out their activities at the University.

As a public institution our University actively cooperates with the Government of Tatarstan. We have realized in collaboration with the authorities of Republic of Tatarstan such joint projects applied in the region as:

- Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage of the ancient Bulgar and the Sviyazhsk Island, of monumental complexes of the medieval Kazan and the Kazan Kremlin.

- Participation in innovative projects of the Republic of Tatarstan "SMART City Kazan", in building of the stadium "Kazan Arena" and the new terminal of Kazan International Airport,

- Participation in establishment of Center of Competence Development for Green Standards at the University.
- Calculation Methods for building structures approved by regional industry facilities, sports facilities, shopping malls.

- Participation in the national program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Republic of Tatarstan”.

- Development of road-building materials and technologies to create optimal road facilities of the region.

- Development of the project "Pavements using reinforced soils for rural roads of the Republic of Tatarstan"

- Development and implementation of nonchemical water treatment and solutions regeneration by electro neutralization method.

- Production of energy-efficient heat exchange equipment.

- Development of new technologies for humidification.