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On January 25, 2016 the Research and Academic Center "Strength" was opened at our University with participation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The Center was founded to introduce scientific and innovative methods of designing building structures into the educational process, conducting experimental research work on request of the construction industry and integrating the educational process with industry. The Center is equipped with modern laboratory equipment.

The Center "Strength" is a laboratory for testing elements of building structures, as well as determining the mechanical properties of various materials. Testing equipment is represented by five test machines with different loading capacity from 0.5 to 200 tons, as well as a temperature test system. designed for testing samples of various materials at high and low temperatures on tensile testing machines.

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On November 16, 2016 our University celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Kazan School of Architecture. To celebrate the half-century anniversary we opened a new creative platform - the Architectural and Aacademic space “BFFT.space”. It was designed according to the project of our academic staff-architects Ilnar and Reseda Akhtyamovs, with the support of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing Services of the Republic of Tatarstan and the leadership of KSUAE. This space has a lecture hall for 150 people, an exhibition hall, creative studios for students - halls for design work, model and carpentry workshops equipped with special equipment, a library and a dining room.

The BFFT.space is a space to carry out the experimental design by our architecture students, to organize exhibitions, to give master classes, lectures, seminars with participation of national and international experts in the field of architecture and design, urban planning and preservation of architectural heritage. Under the guidance of our staff Ilnar and Reseda Akhtyamovs our students win different prestigious international competitions.













The Center for Engineering Systems in Construction "SYSTEMS" was established at KSUAE in October 2018. The Center combines educational and research competencies for training personnel in the following areas: "Heat and gas supply, ventilation, water supply and drainage of buildings, structures and settlements", "Housing and communal infrastructure", as well as for vocational retraining of personnel in the field of construction and housing and communal services. The Center has created an infrastructure for scientific and technical support of new developments and projects in energy efficient engineering systems. With the support of our industry partners - equipment manufacturers and dealers, the Center is equipped with modern laboratory stands for lectures and workshops, with the systems ensuring the functioning of the laboratory itself, as well as samples for studying the latest technologies in heating, air conditioning, gas supply, water supply and sanitation, much attention is paid to renewable energy sources and computer modeling technologies.

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In October 2019, a new academic and research center for building materials and technologies "Technology" was opened. The modern Center, equipped with new equipment for a wide range of research activities, has appeared on the site of the old laboratory of the Department forTechnology of Building Materials, Products and Structures. This Center was opened on the initiative of the University authorities and with the participation of academic staff and students.

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At the beginning of 2020 the innovative academic and research Center "Roads" was opened with the aim to learn the latest developments in the field of road construction and the experience of their implementation nowadays. 




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Children’s Architecture and Design School “DASHKA”

The Children’s Architecture and Design School “DASHKA” is designated for additional general education for children and pre-university architectural education. The aim of the School is to develop volumetric-spatial, imaginative, compositional thinking, visual skills using various graphic and pictorial materials and techniques, the ability to model in a layout, broadening horizons in the field of art history and architecture, musical aesthetics.

The educational process of the School “DASHKA” is divided into three age levels:

- "Studio" for junior level (from 5 to 10 years old),

- "School” for middle level (from 11 to 15 years old),

- “College” for senior level (from 16 to 17 years old).

According to the same division principle the School has organized areas: dressing room, classrooms, a coworking space, a library, an exhibition hall, recreation areas, venues for cultural events, there is a studio for adults, as well as animation, 3D modeling and audio-visual art studios.

The number of students in recent years has reached 1100 - 1200. More than 600 children who graduated School are currently studying at the Institute of Architecture and Design of our University. Among the graduates of the School there are many successful architects and designers of the Republic of Tatarstan, winners of all-Russian and international competitions, students of Russian, European and Canadian universities.

There is also a Sunday amateur studio for adults.

Admission to the groups of middle age level is based on the results of entrance examinations. Almost everyone is admitted to the junior and middle age levels, and everyone is given the opportunity to start practicing at any age.

In the last year of study, to demonstrate their skills and abilities, the alumni of middle age level fulfill a graduation project, and those ones of senior age level - diploma projects. For these projects the graduates of middle and senior age levels get appropriate certificates.

Every year the School actively participates in different children's competitions, exhibitions and festivals of architecture and design.

The School indoor and outdoor spaces were renovated in 2020.








This Academic, Research and Design Center for territorial and spatial development of cities "Urban Planning" was implemented in spring 2021 with active participation of project leaders - Head and  professors of the Department of Urban Planning and Planning of Rural Areas and under supervision of the Director of our Institute of Architecture and Design.

The new space will help to improve the quality of training and will become a powerful attraction point for creative ideas and innovative projects.

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Digitalization Center "Cifra"

Soon in the nearest future at our University one more academic and research center will open: Digitalization Center "Cifra".